Our company came across Carrera Workplace Solutions in an indirect way, but we are fortunate to have gotten into a professional relationship with Karen Carrera. We’ve needed many services, including harassment prevention training (done in a professional but “kept it interesting” kind of way), severance package issues, plus several random requests for advice.  Some things we needed tough love on, but it was handled in an approachable and non-judgmental way, as well as timely. The quick response time has been key in getting our issues resolved.  We appreciate having this resource and plan to continue working with Carrera Workplace Solutions.

M.C. HR Professional at DLC, San Francisco

We received sexual harassment accusations from a number of staff and volunteers that were primarily Spanish speakers. We needed a serious investigation that would both be trusted and easily understood by the victims who needed to feel safe. Karen’s gravitas and very apparent professionalism gave the victims a strong sense of confidentiality. Her cultural competence made sure our victims felt valued and heard. Karen was thorough and timely. Most importantly, her integrity couldn’t be challenged. I am grateful to find someone as unique as Karen. 

G.M., Executive Director

We reached out to Karen Carrera to complete an investigation. She was prompt in her response and was able to get us scheduled quickly. Ms. Carrera provided clear directions and timelines so that we understood the process and knew what to expect. Ms. Carrera was able to smoothly navigate a variety of witness statements and make everyone feel supported and each witness expressed feeling that their statements were taken seriously and respectfully. Ms. Carrera’s reporting skills are detailed, easy to consume, and incredibly discerning of all events presented to her.

Karen Carrera is a well-organized, communicative, and flexible investigator. Working with her was a wonderful professional experience and anyone receiving her services will be delivered a trustworthy and credible report that frames a situation with clear and definitive results that make it easy to move forward with vital information she is able to gather.


Thank you Karen for a great virtual sexual harassment training course. The course was real life relatable, and spoke to our wide age range of staff. The course was easy to follow, and included a variety of important topics about diversity, bullying, and harassment. Karen used wisdom and humor to explain these sticky topics. The 2.5 hours of training flew by and the quizzes were engaging and kept the staff interested throughout the whole course. The staff has gained skills for creating a harassment free workplace. Thank you!

L. Behla

Hayes Valley Medical & Esthetics

Karen was an excellent facilitator for anti-harassment training. We are a construction company with predominantly Hispanic workers, and having a bilingual trainer made a huge difference in getting our staff to really engage with the material. I appreciated that Karen brought in multiple real world examples from her previous work representing plaintiffs and did a great job of getting people to actively participate in the session. We wouldn’t hesitate to use her for future trainings and I would highly recommend her to other companies.

A. Kim

Our nonprofit organization needed a Spanish-speaking investigator to investigate employment discrimination claims.  We engaged Karen Carrera of Villegas/Carrera, Inc., and were very happy with her services.  Karen was prompt and professional in her communication.  Her bilingual and bicultural experience were important in building trust with our staff.  Her investigation and report were thorough and  focused on the issues we needed to resolve.  I would hire her again if the need arose and am happy to recommend her services to others.


Our employer client was involved in very difficult and complicated harassment claims involving two female employees who were monolingual Spanish speakers.  We searched high and low across the state for a Spanish speaking workplace investigator who was a native speaker and who possessed an adequate amount of experience in California employment law.  Enter Karen Carrera – she fit the profile perfectly and dived into our case at a moment’s notice.  Through Karen’s investigation, we were able to gain a thorough, accurate, and unbiased portrait of what most likely happened.  From an employer’s perspective, we valued Karen’s background and experience representing plaintiffs and it was ultimately Karen’s investigation that made a critical difference in our case.   We recommend Karen as a workplace investigator for any employer with a significant Spanish speaking workforce.”

C. Lee

San Rafael, CA

Karen Carrera of Villegas / Carrera, Inc. has provided us with advice and counsel for more than seven years.  She is always quickly responsive and clear in her answers to my many legal questions.  We rely on Karen whenever we have a workplace or employment issue that needs resolution.  During the Covid 19 pandemic, her guidance on how to safely re-open our Agency has been invaluable. 

Janet Fletcher

née Attawa, CFO, Canal Alliance

I recommend Villegas/Carrera, Inc because of the superior workplace investigation service they provided to our company. Our company contracted Villegas/Carrera, Inc to conduct a workplace investigation. We were immensely happy with the job Villegas/Carrera, Inc. did for us.

Karen Carrera of Villegas/Carrera, Inc., who worked on our workplace investigation, was visibly committed to her work. It is evident that Karen is an expert in her field and has proven herself to be very dependable. Karen is very proactive. She kept good lines of communication and was open with us at all times. We found her to be exceptionally accommodating and willing to make whatever adjustments necessary to meet our needs. In addition, Karen speaks Spanish which was very helpful with our workplace investigation.

It is unique to see a workplace investigation company so committed to providing excellent service. There is no doubt that Villegas/Carrera, Inc. sits at the top of the list when it comes to the best workplace investigation service in the San Francisco Bay Area. Karen consistently delivers the highest level of service. Villegas/Carrera, Inc has earned both our trust and respect.

Without hesitation, I would recommend Villegas/Carrera, Inc to anyone.

James Yao

On-site Training or Live Webinars

Ms. Carrera offers onsite sexual and workplace harrassment training.


Ms. Carrera offers workplace investigation services for incidents of sexual or workplace harassment.