Sexual & Workplace Harrasment Investigations

Our Team can help you create an effective anti-harassment program.  California law prohibits discrimination, harassment and retaliation.  The law also requires that employers take “reasonable steps to prevent and correct wrongful (harassing, discriminatory, retaliatory) behavior in the workplace”. (DEEH Guidelines)

If you receive a report of harassment or discrimination, you should give it top priority and determine whether a formal investigation is warranted.  The investigation should be fair and be conducted by a qualified, impartial investigator, who will weigh the evidence collected.

The Carrera Workplace Solutions Team conducts investigations for both public and private employers.  Our lawyers will investigate complaints by employees of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, bullying and other alleged employee misconduct.  Also, our Team can help you create clear and easy to understand written policies and procedures for responding to and investigating complaints.  Our Team of employment lawyers conducts prompt, thorough and fair investigations of complaints.  

Carrera Workplace Solutions lawyers and staff are fully bilingual.  We are able to seamlessly conduct investigations that involve Spanish-speaking employees.

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Investigation Services

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